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The evolution of an artist is a long and winding road of creative exploration. Born from the desire to convey the creative dynamism of New York, artist collective We Are Raw Process (WARP) and its founder Andres F. Lamos redefine the boundaries between artist and audience using stripped-back and intimate live painting events with emerging artists from across the city.

While traditional exhibitions showcase the consequences of creation, Lamos operates in reverse, inviting his audience to experience and react to the evolution of art, from inception to execution. WARP creates an organic process where every event and each piece of art is given a heartbeat, brought to life through the rhythmic backdrop of music, photography and impassioned crowds. Both audience and artist exist in a state of symbiosis, each affirming and reinforcing the possibilities for how we renew and innovate our engagement with the world.

Extending beyond the WARP collective, Lamos engages with architecture as a piece of living art to be experienced and translated over the course of history. Even by the early years of his career, Lamos has developed a reputation for his unique capability to seamlessly integrate artwork and murals into aesthetically stunning concept-driven designs with both intention and utility. Working for internationally renowned large scale urban development firms such as Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and HOK, Lamos uses his passion for light and lines to remain unflinchingly inventive and to continue to grow, both in the strengths of his own work and in how he can facilitate opportunities for the incredible artists that surround him.